Track Laborer


Position Summary:    Performs hard physical labor using hand tools and equipment to: construct, alter, repair, maintain, and demolish railroad tracks, associated structures and components.  Works as a member of a 2 to 15 person mobile crew.  Receives work assignments directly from the crew leader (Track Foreman).  May work on high production, high stress job sites dependent on customer needs.  Position requirements vary.  It may require handling ballast (15 to 25 lb. loads) 10% to 75% of the day.  It could include handling ties or rail with a crew (90 to 100 lb. loads) 10% to 100% of the day.  It may involve swinging a 10 lb. spike maul 10% to 100% of the day.

Essential Functions:

  1. Carry and place track materials using hand tools such as tie tongs, rail tongs, rail forks, lining bars, shovels, and jacks.
  2. Attach rail to ties using spike mauls or spike drivers.
  3. Remove spikes with claw bars, spike lifters, and spike pullers.
  4. Lift, position, handle, remove and install railroad crossties in and around the track structure.
  5. Connect and disconnect rail using track, impact, power wrenches, or welding materials.
  6. Move, clean and tamp ballast (crushed stone-like material) with shovels, tamping picks, clay picks, lining bars, and ballast forks.
  7. Raise tracks, turnouts, crossings, and rails with track or power jacks.
  8. Cut associated materials with oxygen-acetylene torches, rail saws, cut off saws, and cold chisels.
  9. Drill holes with gasoline, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drill motors.
  10. Work alongside heavy equipment by connecting, disconnecting and controlling material that is being moved and by directing such movement.
  11. Participate in safety meetings.
  12. Wear all appropriate personal protective equipment.
  13. Supervise crew in absence of the track foreman.

Required Abilities:

  1. Interact effectively as a crew member.
  2. Understand and follow verbal and visual communications.
  3. Understand and respond to audible and visual signals and warnings.
  4. Quickly learn and perform job duties.
  5. Recognize, avoid and report potential hazards.

Other Requirements:

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Capable of lifting and carrying a minimum of 100 pounds.
  3. Willing and able to travel to various job sites, including those that require overnight stays and those that require short notice mobilization.
  4. Capable of working in inclement weather and/or conditions.
  5. Capable of covering distances afoot of one quarter (1/4) to two (2) miles per day, on railroad right of way, negotiating steep grades and rough terrain, without assistance.
  6. Capable of working unsupervised at times.

Preferred, But Not Required

  1. High School diploma or equivalent.
  2. Valid driver’s license.
  3. Previous experience in railroad or other heavy construction or maintenance industry.