Our track maintenance experience is perhaps our most popular service. Keeping track structures properly in gauge, aligned, and secure is vital to safe, efficient rail transport. As with the maintenance of any machine, keeping track in good shape does not happen by itself. Time has proven that a faithful preventive maintenance program is the most cost effective strategy an industrial track owner can employ. Our staff is fully capable of inspecting track, identifying problem areas and advising realistic, economical, corrective measures. We will never try to sell a customer unwarranted services or materials, but we will honestly diagnose track problems and report findings to our clients. Our field experts excel in providing timely programmed inspections for any track system—new or old.

With the growth of a business and tons of traffic crossing the rails each day, railroad structures do wear out or become inadequate for increased traffic. This common situation calls for rehabilitation strategies. Our field experts are proficient in devising rehabilitation of old track structures from the replacement of the sub-grade to the upgrading of the rail itself. We are able to provide this service either on a large or small scale, fully mechanized or by hand as the situation warrants.

When preventive maintenance has not been performed, track structures sometimes fail all at once. A broken rail or a derailed car invariably happen at the most awkward time, in the foulest weather. Trac-Work, Inc. is available and able to respond 24 hours a day. Our trained crew can be on the scene within hours to correct any situation. We are staffed and equipped to mobilize quickly to service any customer in immediate need. Our staff fully appreciates the need to get the track back in service quickly and will respond to emergency calls promptly. In such cases we can provide what is needed as a cost-plus materials service.


Trac-Work, Inc. offers a full range of new construction options from short industrial track spurs to an entire switching yard full of intricate tracks with dozens of switches. We are large enough to own or have access to the most sophisticated track construction equipment needed to keep new construction costs under control. We constantly strive to keep our specialized equipment in top shape so no delays or cost overruns are caused by equipment breakdown.

Just as with our maintenance services, no new construction contract is too big for us to handle, nor too small for our efforts. We can field a production gang of 40 men and machines to build a 500 mile track, or we can provide a foreman with six laborers to build a turnout and a short spur to a customer’s door. Our jobs are carefully planned so they finish on schedule and within budget. Long standing relationships with our vendors assure us and our customers of prompt delivery of the materials so vital to constructing new track. We maintain our own over-the-road equipment to assure timely delivery of critical machines or parts.

The key words driving our new construction crews are: SAFETY, FLEXIBILITY, and MOBILITY. With these aspects under control, we can provide our customers with unparalleled services at a fair price.