Many of our customers allow us to set up their maintenance priorities and then carry them out within their designated budget. We work with smaller customers without budgets to assure safe and reliable trackage for their operation. We negotiate work, bid competitively or perform on a cost-plus basis, with a workforce available around the clock.

Trac-Work, Inc.’s greatest strength lies in our trained, professional personnel, who literally own 100% of the company. Since 1968, we have continued to build a network of people dedicated to performing top quality work, on time, within budget and in a safe manner. Trac-Work, Inc. trains and promotes heavily from within; hence, our managers come up “through the ranks”; with some having begun as laborers. They have mastered rigorous quality standards and are dedicated to the principle of grooming their own replacements. This mind set begins with the foreman and results in a high quality, on-the-job training program. AT TRAC-WORK, INC. “OUR PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET”.

Extensive years of service across a wide geographical area have not developed only countless customers, but a strong bond with both equipment and material suppliers. This wide-spread network of proven suppliers ensures that Trac-Work, Inc. can and will successfully plan and execute projects of any magnitude. Our extensive fleet of equipment enables us to serve any part of the country.

The solid growth of Trac-Work, Inc. is based on the pragmatic application of sustained research, modern techniques, the latest tools and, most importantly, the shared experience of our people for the ultimate benefit of our clients.


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